I am a well-spoken, well-mannered Dominatrix. You can rest assured I rely on total discretion through the whole booking process.

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East Bay Dominatrix Mistress Lisa

Past my seductive green eyes, my mischievous smile and beautiful luscious firm body lies a well-seasoned, sophisticated Dominatrix of 49 years young.

Well spoken and very well dressed, my sexy cute looks will draw you in. My intellectual mind will find its way into yours and find what your thoughts and desires are. I will know what makes you tick.

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BDSM and fetish is my passion

I am an educated, strong, intelligent, and self-assured Dominatrix. BDSM and fetish are my passion and true lifestyle. My true self loves nothing more than connecting creatively with your ego, body and desires. I am a very well-mannered Dominatrix with very strict undertone. Sometimes I can be cruel and sadistic to funny and sexy. Every situation can bring out more or less of these traits. I tailor each session differently depending on my submissive.

I always Dominate with a smile as I enjoy myself immensely while doing what I do best. I take great pleasure leading you through a journey that you may have never been able to imagine before. A journey through your submission, obedience and respect for your Domina. If you are curious, or a well experienced player, I will show you my world of BDSM, fetishes and more with respect for your limits. Every session is totally consensual, safe and sane.

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I can be patient while pushing your limits. But if you are a heavy player and need a mistress who can rip you to shreds verbally and physically then I am quite overjoyed with this also. I am very versatile but have a very creative deviant mind that never stops trying to find new ways to step things up a notch. You do not have to be a slave to enjoy, my size 6 sexy feet and cleaning my equipment and tidying up my toy collection. Do not be afraid to come and live out your fetishes and kinks in my safe environment with me. My session include spontaneity, intuition, deviance tailored to our current situation and likes. Or dislikes?

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